Nature and Nature’s Law Lay Hid in Night. God said
Let Newton be! and All was Light.

Alexander Pope (British Poet)
(1688 - 1744)

let’s have an acre of green grass for air, exercise & excellence…



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Partner Organization of NITI AAYOG, NGO Darpan, Govt. of India

We Provide Many Certification Assistance/Consultation Through CERTIFICATION CONSULTANCY

  • 1. ISO 9001
  • 2. ISO 14001.
  • 3. ISO 22000 or FSMS.
  • 4. OHSAS 18001.
  • 5. HACCP.
  • 6. GMP
  • 7. Copy Right.
  • 8. Trade Mark.
  • 9. Logo Registration
  • 10. Trust/Society Registration.
  • 11. ISBN/ISSN Assistance.
  • 12. Vocational Training Centre/ Computer Training Centre/ Skill Development Centre Formation with Govt. Registration.
  • 13. School Formation with CBSE/ICSE affiliation.

upcoming events


Event 1

Signed MOU with Gour Mahavidyalaya, Mangalbari, Malda. About joint venture programme of FSMS related Certification Process on whole North Bengal Based Food Processing Unit & Food Manufacturer.


Event 2

Collaborated With Gour Mahavidyalaya, Mangalbari, Malda for UGC Sponsored National Level/State Level/International Level Seminar/Symposium/Workshop Programme.


Event 3

Collaborated With Hijli College, Kharagpur for UGC Sponsored National Level/ State Level/ International Level Seminar/Symposium/Workshop Programme.


Event 4

Collaborated With Nathaniyal Murmu Memorial College, Tapan, South Dinajpur for National Level/State Level/International Level Seminar/Symposium/Workshop Programme.


Event 5

Proposal for RNI & ISSN registered National Level Socio Cultural Journal. (e- Edition & Print Edition Both)


Event 6

Proposal for Establishment of ISO 9001 standard Publication Division.


Event 7

Collaborated With Bharatiya Janaseva Mission, Barasat for Linguistic Publication Project of CENTRAL INSTITUTE OF INDIAN LANGUAGES, MHRD, GOI, MYSORE.


Event 8

Multi Level Social Afforestation Programme through NSS or Partner NGO.


Event 9

Collaborated With SURYABARTA, MALDA, an RNI registered Magazine, for State Level Seminar.


Divided Songs: Nation, Religion and Entertainment in South Asia`s Borders

How do borders and the people who inhabit them shape each other? How do local ideologies, identities and practices change, in dialogue with broader, structural events like changes in sovereignty and borders? This talk focuses on the Gambhira tradition of Malda (West Bengal) and Rajshahi (Bangladesh), a political theatre form under guises of religion and entertainment. After the Partition of India in 1947, this region was violently divided into two countries, creating new challenges for cultural and political accommodation. Drawing on both archival and ethnographic research, this special lecture aims to explore how tracking historical changes in a performative tradition can help us to gain keen insights into the checkered history of colonial and postcolonial nationalisms in the Indian subcontinent.

Date- 19th May, 2018